Noosa in Sunshibe Coast Rugby Union reserve grade Grand Final​

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Noosa have just defeated Caloundra in the Sunshine Coast Rugby Union reserve grade major semi final.

They now have a week off before the Grand Final. Caloundra will play the winner of tomorrow’s minor semi – Maroochydore vs Fraser Coast – in next week’s preliminary final.

Photos from Victoria – Day 2

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Second day here. I went up to Melbourne Uni this morning via the Royal Melbourne Hospital. The sporting setup at this university is one of the best I’ve seen.

From there I went straight to Punt Road Oval to watch Richmond host Footscray in the VFL.


Australian Football League on Youtube?

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An interesting article came across my twitter feed this afternoon. Apparently the Australian Football League has approached Google to broadcast matches live on YouTube. If this is true it would not be anything new in the sporting world. It wouldn’t even be new for Australian rules football.
The North East Australian Football League streams one or two games live each week.

The North East Australian Football League broadcast games through their YouTube channel each week. Even the representative game gets broadcast.

If the AFL follows the NEAFLs model, the audience will be able to watch replays of the match without said replay being otherwise uploaded.

There are, however, a couple of issues with Google getting the rights. First is Australia’s anti-syphoning laws. In short these laws require curtain events to be offered for broadcast to Free to Air television networks. The list of events includes all AFL matches. Channel Seven have, in recent years, waived outright five matches each week.  The other four matches they’ve only waived in part.

The other issue the Australian Football League would face is internet bandwidth. The AFL would be looking at about nine or ten gigabytes per match. There being nine matches each week, this works out to be about ninety gigabytes a week. An audience member watching even a three or four games would chew through there home data allowance fairly quickly, their mobile data definitely.

It will be interesting if this amounts to something.

Online vs Television

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As you can probably understand, content that previously was the domain of television, cinema and home video is increasingly reformatted to sought an online audience. One could look at the advent of YouTube and BitTorrent as examples here.

A half hour television programme lasts about twenty two minutes once the ad breaks are taken out. An hour programme lasts 44-45 mnutes. This is standard industry practice.

The internet doesn’t need these deliverables. Shows can last from about four to five minutes for a comedy show up to a proper half hour for a review show.

Even sport, which normally takes up about two to three hours is slowly going online. Though it must be said that the sporting broadcasts that I’ve seen purpose made for online vary greatly in the style of production from those purpose made for television.

The above video is of the North East Australian Football League match between Sydney University and Eastlake. It was produced for and presented live on YouTube. Yes YouTube does have that feature. As you can tell watching it, the production crew filmed it with a single camera.

2015-05-15 17.47.20

Television broadcasters like Fox Sports have about eight cameras – with corresponding number of operators – for the same type of content. The multicamera setup used here provides a sort of safety net in the event the main camera is obstructed from viewing the action. Trust me, I’ve been operating a main (only) camera the kept getting obstructed and it’s annoying as buggery.

Oh well, things happen. We will probably see more content purposely made for online. Television won’t be completely gone for quite a while yet.

Patrick Gillett
(The image of the cameraman in licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license and attributable to me)

University, Noosa play for home Sunshine Coast rugby major semi in 2014

This season’s Sunshine Coast Rugby Union semi finals are now scheduled to take place at Sunshine Beach and Caloundra, Australia. The venues were settled upon in the final round of play yesterday, incidentally at the same venues and teams.

In Sunshine Beach Noosa defeated University 17–8 in a closer match than the final score suggested. Noosa took an early lead after eleven minutes through an unconverted try.

University took the score to 5–3 seven minutes later. They would take the lead seventeen minutes into the second half and would not relinquish until three minutes left in the game. At this point Noosa rumbled over through a series of about ten rucks.

In their round five clash at Sunshine Beach, University won 15 points to 13. Noosa won the round ten match at the University of the Sunshine Coast by nine points – 24 points to 15.

In the other A-grade game at Caloundra, the hosts defeated Toads 37–8 to host the minor semi final. In round five Caloundra won by eight points, while in round ten the teams played a 14-all draw.

The winner of the major semi goes straight trough to the grand final. The loser plays in the preliminary final against the winner of the minor semi final at a yet-unknown venue.