Interview with Caloundra captain Wally Wright between innings

We caught up with Caloundra cricket captain Wally Wright during Saturday’s cancellation induced one dayer.

The game was originally meant to be a two day game but week one was cancelled due to lockdown in Greater Brisbane.

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Pat: So how are you going out there?

Wally: yeah that was a um. It’s fairly evenly poised at the moment. They got 193, Which on that wicket, a very flat wicket. That should be [inaudible] hopefully we can chase it. It was a decent bowling effort. Every time one of their batsman looked like they were going really big we some how managed to get them out. Which was handy. Yeah they batted well. They’re openers brought a good partnership. We were able to draw them back in the middle. Then the last 15 overs was (sic) fairly evenly balanced. We can bat the fifty we should be a good chance.

Pat: happy to get back into some cricket especially after last weeks not of a hiccup?

Wally: Yeah, I think it would’ve been a shame to not get this game in. Though we haven’t played a one dayer in a while it was good to have a game of cricket. And hopefully this will launch us into the last few rounds of the season.

Pat: at this stage of the season how likely are you of making the finals?

Wally: We’re no chance. But for us, we’ve got a very young team. Hopefully we can give them some experience in the next few games and build their confidence for next season. So we’ll probably try and give our younger guys more of a go in this back half and hopefully start to build towards next year.

Pat: so trying to build that base for next season?

Wally: Yeah. Yeah definitely.

Pat: who’ve you got next week?

Wally: I think it’s Gympie.

Pat: here or up there?

Wally: It might be up there but don’t quote me on that.

Pat: Anything else?

Wally: Nah that’s it.

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