Coolum player Time Hymes

We court up with Coolum player Tim Hynes at the lunch break on day two of his sides two dayer against Caloundra.

At that point Coolum were in their second innings having lost first innings points.

So how’s the afternoon gone for you so far?

We started off really really strong. They were 6 for 85. We only made 87 last week. It was a fine innings from Rory Cowling who Who held his bat pretty much all the way through the innings, and had a not out at the end of the innings. The plan of attack for today was to really make sure we come in nice and strong, bowl good areas, take our chances when we get it. And we did. We ended up bowling them out for 21 more than our score. I think it was done and dusted in about 35 minutes. It all went to plan. Currently with the batting, I think we’re about 5 for 80 odd, so a lead of 60. So hoping in the next session we can pile on the runs and put them back in and try and bowl them out again.

So hoping to survive until at least tea?

We’ll see, We’ll see. Obviously it’s a matter of whether we have a go at bowling them and trying a go for the win for the second innings. But in the end it just depends on our batsman. They got to knuckle down and make sure we bat time and the runs will come.

So the decision will be made as to whether to go for the result as you go along?

Yeah, it’ll be fairly fluid. We’ll just see how we go along and hopefully get to the point where we might declare. That would be the perfect senario. But it’s really about how the batsman and they go for the first half hour to an hour. That’ll determine the rest of the game.

One of your guys from last year has started his first grade career with scorchers. How does that feel?

That’s fantastic. That’s really the reason why we’ve stepped up to play division 1 is to have these kind of moments where our juniors come through our club and go on to represent bigger and greater things. We’re really proud of Lleyton. He’s worked really hard. He’s a great role model for the reast of our juniors coming through. And we’re absolutly wrapped for him. We’re looking at the scores very keenly and hoping he has a good game today.

How do you think he’ll go?

I think he’ll go really well. From what I’ve heard from the Scorchers boys, they really rate him highly. Obviously he’s quite young and pretty raw. But he’s taken a few of five-fas in the two’s so far. He’ll be a little bit nervous I’d Imagine. But he’s definitly got the talent. Hopefully he takes a few wickets.

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