Modified Rugby to feature on Saturday

Brothers Sunshine Coast and Caloundra are taking the Modified Rugby Programme to the Saturday morning fixtures.

Caloundra MRP co-ordinator Jessica Broadhurst said “We actual have a game on Saturday at Caloundra. I managed to get that on our main field. We’ll have a host of players and parents and families and all of that around.
”I had a young player ask me ‘Can I bring all of my entire family?’ And I said, ‘Mate, you can bring them all.’ So yeah, they’re very excited. 
“[We’ve] just got to make sure we have enough hot dogs and chips and everything in the canteen.”

Brothers MRP co-ordinator Nicole Patelesio said: “It’s amazing because normally these kids are either on the sidelines or not part of the club. So when you see thence having so much fun it’s really rewarding. 

“Some of the kids want to wear their uniforms all week or when they get home from school.”

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