Three Wynnum players in Stingrays squad for South Queensland Championships

Wynnum will be represented at the South Queensland Championships for the first time this coming weekend.

Two of their players were selected for Stingrays duties in 2021 but could not attend due to Covid restrictions.

Kyle Hamanne

Wynnum captain Kyle Hamanne said “We got three players in the Stingrays team next week. So it’s Jacob Wright our outside center; [Jason] ‘Rocky’ [Rogers], one of our props; and myself. Yeah. That’ll be on Friday, Saturday[, and Sunday] next week.”

On being selected Hamanne said: “Can’t wait, should be awesome. Good to mingle with these boys. Like, make a lot of mates I like, it’s good. It’s good to get to know everyone in the comp. It’s great.”

Caloundra will have six players in the Stingrays squad.

Caloundra captain Jake Helgesen said: “We’ve got quite a good representation in the stingrays, so we’re really happy with that. The boys are really keen, going to rip and get to mix around with a few of the guys from the other clubs too. A lot of our guys that are in the team are young guys as well. So getting them exposed to big time games like that, representing the Sunshine Coast is awesome.”

The Stingrays are scheduled to play Darling Downs and Gold Coast Friday June 10 and Sunday June 12.

The Stingrays squad is (at last check);

  • Matt Connor – Caboolture
  • Benny Balckhall – Caloundra
  • Josh Goddard – Caloundra
  • Jarrod Kidston – Caloundra
  • Mac Burgess – Caloundra
  • Nakoa Marcroft – Caloundra
  • Sami Vereniki – Caloundra
  • Isaac Talbot – Maroochydore
  • Moses Voka – Maroochydore
  • Ben Radmall – Maroochydore
  • Harry Masters – Maroochydore
  • Sisa Rokovaka – Maroochydore
  • Charlie Bruce – Maroochydore
  • Zac Howson – Noosa
  • Sam Koning – Noosa
  • Alfie Hill – Noosa
  • Will Christie – Noosa
  • Mitch Duncan – Noosa
  • Matt Waudby – University
  • Cory Tehuia – University
  • Callum Smith – University
  • Michael Cocks – University
  • Luke Kimber – University
  • Levi Filiga – University
  • Shayden Stevens – University
  • Jason Rogers – Wynnum
  • Kyle Hamanne – Wynnum
  • Jacob Wright – Wynnum

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