PattmanSport restructure

Here at PattmanSport we’re having a restructure.

In 2015 we started as a YouTube channel that stored video for the blog Pattman News and Blog.

Since then we’ve uploaded highlights and broadcasts of rugby union and cricket.

On the odd occasion we’ve also done some Aussie rules.

In September we started a second channel that is now called Word of Cricket.

This was intended as a sort of overflow channel for our coverage of the Sunshine Coast Cricket Association Twenty20 competition.

It will be the exclusive home of our future cricket coverage.

We have a new channel called Watchers in the Stands.

This channel will host our broadcasts of any sport that isn’t cricket.

For us that’d rugby union, and roller derby.

The first pieces of coverage on that channel will be Saturday’s roller derby contest between Coastal Assassins Roller Derby Assassins and the Brisbane City Rollers Punk Blockers, and the Sunshine Coast Rugby Union A grade game between Maroochydore and University.

That video should go up Sunday or Monday.

So where does this leave the original PattmanSport channel?

It will now be used to news, highlights, interviews and the like.

We’ll still be postingĀ  stories here as well as posting the videos to the respective channels.

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