Sun. Jun 16th, 2019

Post match interview with Wynnum Mitch Scott after his side loss to University

Wynnum hosted University in there Sunshine Coast Rugby Union A grade game, coming away with a 13 points to 7 loss.

We caught up with their captain, Mitch Scott, after the game.

So, How was that hit out for your guys?

I think we played a lot better last week. Full credit to the boys, they really doug in there and gave an 80 minute performance. We knew it was going to take two halves of really good footy and we knew we couldn’t let our selves down and we knew we were going to have to score more points than them. But unfortunately we couldn’t get that done today.

When you guys scored early on in that second half. Was it really positive after that?

Yeah. I mean don’t think that there was anything they through at us that we didn’t think we could come back from. I think that – our scrum aside – we really dominated parts of the game, but it’s not enough to dominate parts of the game, you’ve got to dominate the whole game to get the victory, and we weren’t good enough to get the victory today.

You were almost in in this far corner here. At what point did you thing you were over but not quite get there?

There was one just over under the sticks [that] I thought he’d actually got there. But look, at the end of the day close enough isn’t good enough. I thnik we play them back here in about five or six weeks time so, we’re looking forward to that. As far as a top two clash goes I think we really doug in there and gave them a good shot.

Happy with that performance for the 40th celebrations?

I would’ve been alot happier with a win but hey, you can’t get that every week. So, back to the drawing board, see what we can do, and hopefully put in an eighty minute performance against them next time.

Who’ve you got next week?

We’ve got Caloundra up at Caloundra. Looking forward to that. They came down [and] had a really close one with us. Hopefully we can go up there again and show we can play.

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