Sun. Jun 16th, 2019

Interview with Uni captain Mitch Porters after his sides win over Wynnum at Wynnum

University traveled to take on Wynnum in their Sunshine Coast Rugby Union A grade game Saturday, and came away with a 13 points to 7 win.

We cought up with captain Mitch Porters after the game.

So, how was that hit out for your guys?

It was awesome to come down here and get the win. Those boys played really hard today.

They were celebrating 40 years, and they had old boys day. So they had a lot to play for. So, no teams actually been able to beat them at home yet so it’s good to be the first cab off the rank to manage to get that one.

It stretches our lead the top of the table just a little bit more as well. Credit to them they came out and played a nice physical hard game right up to the 80th.

They nearly got it from us at the end there. Our desire I think just kept us in that game and just finishing off when we allowed a line break or whatever the guys covering and just cleaning it up so.

What was the message for the guys when Wynnum scored early on in that second half?

We just we kind of got away from our our policies we like to be first team to the line out first team set. We got caught off side because they went fast because we were too lazy getting back.

Then from there it’s a 10, it’s a penalty 10 meters down the field so we’re on the back foot it’s real hard to get back in and try and stop that so it is what it is they school and we consolidated went back then put the pressure back on them so, yeah.

What effect did this home crowd have on your guys?

I think most of the boys enjoy playing in front of the cricketer in front of a crowd like the louder the better, like you can’t have every crowd on your side but it’s good it’s good to see a bit of passion for the game still alive so I think it helps both teams really.

So you’re getting used to the big crowds at home?

Yeah we we’ve been going to Noosa for enough years so we know what a loud crowd sounds like, they’re no different down here so, yeah.

Who’ve got next week?

Noosa next week, at home though. We’ve got our ladies day next week so we should have a decent crowd there again so it’ll be good.

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