Sun. Jun 16th, 2019

Post match interview with Wynnum Bugs captain Mitch Scott

Wynnum moved into second on the Sunshine Coast Rugby Union A grade ladder defeating Maroochydore 21 points to 10.

We caught up captain Mitch Scott after the game.

How was that one for your guys?

Oh look. We got the victory in the end which is what it’s all about. Big day for us especially with the ressies game being called off whilst were on the way up, but look we’d say we’ll take the victory when it’s on offer. So back to the drawing board. We had a few players that broke down when [they] shouldn’t but hey, we’re here and another win so a win away for us as well so big one.

I think you guys had two guys off towards the end of that first half there. You did pretty well to hold the other guys out.

Yeah I mean, we back our defense, we do back our defense we try our best with it. I mean sure yeah, two people off but [there were] just [some] dumb decisions on our behalf to do that but we managed to hold on come away with only three points [against us], so defending two players do not a bad result at the end of the half.

Happy to get all of those tries in the second half?

It was a bit [of a] relief with the first one, especially after we bombed two at the side of the first half so as soon as we
cross the line I think we go a bit more confidence and then the point start to come for us which is a good plus for us.

Who have you got next week?

We’ve got Uni at home. We let ourselves down when we traveled we played them at Maleny. We’re looking to make amends for how we performed against them last one.

How’d you like it up at Maleny?

I actually had a wedding that week so I missed it but I think the second grade had a good win so I would take that away from it

Anything else?

Nah, just back on the bus now a few beer for the way back to Wynnum so hopefully we don’t do to much damage on it.

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