Sat. May 25th, 2019

Greens support Coast flight curfew

Virgin Australia flight about to touchdown at Sunshine Coast Airport. Photo by "Me whynot"

Two Sunshine Coast based Greens candidates have signaled their support for a curfew on “heavy jet flights over populated areas” on routes to and from Sunshine Coast Airport.

“Tourism is the largest part of the economy here on the Sunshine Coast,” said the party’s candidate for Fairfax Sue Etheridge.

“We need to ensure we get the right decision that takes into account the needs of residents, and the needs of the tourism industry.”

The expansion, once completed, is expected to expand the Sunshine Coast economy by bringing in more tourism dollars according to Mayor Mark Jamison.

“My expectation is that contruction of the international airport would naximise local content, and maximise local jobs for Sunshine Coast residents,” the mayor said in March last year.

“The expanded airport will contributbe $4.1bn to the local economy over the period to 2040, and generate 2230 jobs for our community in that time.

At their monthly meeting just gone, Noosa Shire Council voted to call for an extension to consultation and a night curfew after hearing resident concerns.

“Noosa Council have rightly requested more time to evaluate the impacts to their environment and the concerns of constituents,” said candidate for Wide Bay Daniel Bryer.

“[T]heir input in to flight paths should not be cast aside by the Sunshine Coast Council or Airservices Australia.”

“As much relevant information as possible should be considered to get the best outcome for residents.”

Sunshine Coast Airport currently services commercial flights to Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

It also has seasonal flights from Auckland.

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