Sat. May 25th, 2019

This season the Sunshine Coast Rugby Union will again have a four team finals series.

A total of six teams will be contesting A grade, women’s 12s, and Colts under 19s; and 10 in Reserve grade.

The system they are using gives the top two teams a double chance, in that they can lose their first game and still go on to win the Premiership.

The format progresses as follows:

  • In Game 1 (the major semi final), the first- and second-placed teams play against each other. The winner qualifies directly for the final.
  • In Game 2 (the minor semi final), the third- and fourth-placed teams play against each other. The loser is eliminated.
  • In Game 3 (the preliminary final), the winner of Game 2 plays against the loser of Game 1. The loser is eliminated.
  • Game 4 (the Grand Final) is then played between the winners of Games 1 and 3.

If the finals were to start this weekend, the A grade semis would look like;

  • Major semi final: Uni vs Caloundra at the Uni.
  • Minor semi final; Wynnum vs Noosa at Wynnum.
  • Preliminary final: loser major semi vs winner minor semi at Caloundra
  • Grand Final: winner major semi vs winner preliminary final at the Uni or Caloundra.

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