Sun. Jun 16th, 2019

The Sunshine Coast Rugby Union season has been officially launched this morning ahead of the this weekends opening round.

Interview with University A Grade coach, Brad Tronc

How are your guys looking for this season?

I suppose this season is gonna be a little bit of an unknown. All we can do is prepare our selves as best we can, which I think we’ve done. So, yeah look, we’ll just see how we go, hook into the first round and see where we are after that.

Who’ve reggies got this week?

So reserve grade have got Wynnum at Wynnum.

Looking forward to that?

Yeah, look, I’ll head down and watch that. There;s some guys there that are pushing for A Grade selection the following week spot that I havn’t seen play yet. So, head down watch that before we announce our first Agrade side of the year.

A Grade got Caloundra?

Yeah the following week. Got Caloundra at Caloundra.

How are the guys looking for that?

I don’t know. We haven’t played together before. We’ve got some new players, some old players coming back. We’ve got a core group that’s still their from last season which is good. Change our game plan and pattern a little bitfrom what they’re used to, so it might take us a little bit to get going.

So squad overall developing well over the off season?

Yeah. We’ve been improving each and every session. That’s the challenge I’ve set out for them that each session we come back together we get better each time. They’re responding to that. They’re training hard, they’re really busting their butts to be as good as they possibly can.

What do you do for the next week and a little bit to prepare [for Caloundra at Caloundra]?

Nothing really changes. It’s just about preparing our selves as best we can and making sure we’re ready for that. Obviously, I think they’re the bench mark for the competition. I haven’t seen Caboolture, haven’t seen Wynnum, so I don’t know, it’s all new. All I can go off is last seasons results, and those teams are there, and Caloundra set a fairly high benchmark last year for the rest of the comp to keep up with.

Who’s pushing for spots in A grade that are playing reserve grade this week?

We’ve got an inside centre … that I haven’t seen play. There’s some forwards there that haven’t had any minutes in any trials. Fullback, outside centre, Gary, alot of the the young fellows who are coming through from that colts Grand Final last year they’re going to get a chance. We’re a young developing side so it’ll be good.

Reckon those colts guys would be running on the high from just knocking off Noosa at the end there [in the Grand Final]?

Yeah, it was pretty exciting. I actually managed watch it on YouTube. I didn’t get to watch it live, so every one kept asking me if i’d seen it, so I thought I better watch it. It show’d me those players. And seeing them this preaseason as opposed to what they were doing last season.

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