FFA Cup starts this weekend

The 2018 FFA Cup qualifiers are scheduled to kick off this weekend.

“The FFA Cup gives clubs and teams at a range of levels in Australian football the opportunity to dream about winning a major national title,” says FFA CEO David Gallop.

Keilor Wolves SC will travel to IYU Reserve to play Pakenham United FC on Saturday.

Slot allocated for this years FFA Cup proper will remain unchanged with Football NSW receiving five slots, Football Queensland and Football Federation Victoria four slots, Northern NSW Football and Football West two slots, and Football Federation South Australia, Football Federation Tasmania, Capital Football (ACT) and Football Federation Northern Territory each getting one slot.

The ten A-League clubs will enter the FFA Cup proper at the Round of 32. The remaining Member Federation slot will be taken by Heidelberg United FC. Heidelberg received automatic entry into the FFA Cup 2018 Round of 32 after being crowned NPL Champion of Australia in 2017.

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