Patrick Gillett is a freelance Camera Operator, and Journalist. He routinely covers local sport every weekend as well as other events on request.


Freelance rates are negotiable. Below is a list of one off rates for TV and video stories. On going rates may be changed.

  • Footage otherwise shot: $30 each
  • Interviews: $10 each
  • Compiling a story: $35 each

Rates for written stories are negotiable.


PattmanSport is my sports media operation. Productions are primarily uploaded to Youtube.  It can be accessed here.

Pattman News and Blog

Pattman News and Blog is my general written news operation. It hosts written observations and essays. It can be accessed here.


All inquiries can be directed to the either of the following;

Phone: +61 0439 387811

Email: Patrick.Gillett@Pattman.com.au